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your favorite video game series is getting a new game


but it’s not coming out for a console you own


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people who think being respectful and kind is a weakness


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Guys for the first time in the short year I’ve been in college, I finally feel excited for my future. After a much needed discussion and contemplation with family (while I procrastinated studying for my bio exam) and basically making peace w/ myself, I feel like I’ve actually figured out my life. I was so busy trying to reassure other people that I didn’t realize that I needed some reassurance also. And I finally got that today. It seems like such a small thing, but this is actually pretty significant for me. I mean, I’ve been trying to hide my melancholia and depression about what I thought was an unsatisfying and disappointing future for me, but now I can see a better one. A future that I’m excited, pumped, and ready to actually work for. It’s such a burden off your shoulders to realize that you don’t have to continue living like you need to find something to compensate for the hollow emptiness you feel everyday you wake up. Because like a breath of life in an unconscious body, you’ve finally gained the inspiration you lost long ago.

(Yeah, if anybody actually read this incredibly cheesy excerpt I’ve managed to churn out of my mind, thanks for your attention. I just wanted to get this sudden surge of hope I’ve experienced into fathomable words. I promise, I’m not usually this sappy.)